Stacked townhouse development with over 250 units proposed in Milton


Published September 10, 2021 at 12:00 pm

A stacked townhouse development with over 250 units has been proposed in the Town of Milton.

The development, proposed by Fernbrook Homes, would include nine stacked townhouse blocks containing a total of 254 units. Seven of the blocks would be arranged around the perimeter of the property with an internal circulation ring road surrounding the remaining two blocks and the primary outdoor communal amenity area.

As a result of this proposal, the applicant is seeking amendments to the Town of Milton Comprehensive Zoning By-law to change the existing Open Space Zone symbol to a site-specific Mixed Use Zone with Holding symbol for a property located at 8175 Britannia Road. This amendment would facilitate the construction of the development.

The Fernbrook property, located on 8175 Britannia Road, was previously known as the Boyne Soccer Field and Community Centre and was owned by the Town of Milton. It currently contains two existing structures including a small former community centre and a storage shed. In 2016, the Town sold the property to Fernbrook Homes.

The applicant’s vision for the proposed development is to create an “attractive, compact, pedestrian-scaled residential enclave of stacked condominium townhouses with underground parking in a location adjacent to Britannia Road that will be in close proximity to future transit opportunities.”

Additionally, all units proposed in the development would contain two bedrooms or one bedroom with a den, to be selected by the purchaser.

Should the rezoning application be approved, the applicant will be required to secure Site Plan Approval from the Town of Milton before applying for a building permit or beginning any construction on the subject property. This will also include the review and approval of the required Urban Design Brief to make sure that the development will be consistent with the Town’s design objectives.

According to the Town of Milton, the application is complete pursuant to the requirements of the Planning Act and the proposed amendment is consistent with Provincial, Region and Town of Milton Planning policies.

Town staff has also reviewed the subject application in relation to the policies of the Provincial Policy Statement (2020), the Growth Plan (2019), the Regional and Town Official Plans and the Boyne Survey Secondary Plan including the Boyne Survey Tertiary Plan (July 2017) and the relevant Subwatershed Impact Study.

They are satisfied that the draft zoning bylaw amendment as modified through the review process, conforms to the Provincial, Regional and Town policies along with other requirements.

This development and the proposed amendments to the zoning bylaw are set to be further discussed at an upcoming council meeting on Sept. 13.

Photo: Town of Milton


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