St. Catharines city councillor has rock thrown through her window, suspect caught on camera


Published January 30, 2022 at 10:50 am

A St. Catharines city councillor took to Twitter today to call out the perpetrator who reportedly threw a rock through her window early Sunday morning (Jan. 30).

Ward 4 councillor Karrie Porter said the rock was thrown through the front window of her residence by an unknown suspect who fled the scene.

The suspect was seen running away on surveillance video, which Porter posted a few hours later.

Hope you didn’t exert yourself in your quest for freedom from the tyranny of a lower-tier Councillor responsible for city services such as planning, roads, water, sewers, parks, rec and sidewalks,” Porter said.

The councillor joked that the incident was a frustrated response to the delayed snow removal in some parts of the city, but acknowledged that the perpetrator was likely motivated by Porter’s recent social media comments on the ongoing trucker convoy and the topic of fascism and anti-fascism.

Among other comments, Porter recently posted a news article that dubbed the organizer of the trucker convoy as a “Islamophobic, homophobic conspiracy theorist,” sparking some angry comments on her Twitter post — with one user referencing a 2020 tweet in which Porter labels herself an anti-fascist (“Antifa”).

The trucker convoy, part of a protest against mandatory vaccinations in Canada, made its way from BC and recently arrived at Parliament Hill to protest vaccine mandates at the nation’s capital.

Some of the protesters’ actions on Saturday drew angry condemnation on social media and from some public officials, with some protesters jumping on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier while others fastened an inverted Canadian flag to a statue of Terry Fox.

Fellow city councillors Mat Siscoe and Lori Littleton condemned the perpetrator who targeted Porter’s home.

“To the coward who threw the rock, and the apologists who will wander out now to pretend it was justified — you’re not ‘freedom fighters’. You’re gutless,” Siscoe said.

Leaders must call out this cowardice and repulsive behaviour for what it is—violence intended to silence those like my dear friend and colleague Karrie Porter who speak out against racism, sexism, misogyny and white supremacy daily,” said Littleton.

This isn’t the first time Porter’s home has been targeted by those protesting against vaccines — last month, a protester used black spray paint to write messages such as “Scary Karrie is a Karen”,  and “United non compliace (sic)” on the side of her house.

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