St. Catharines councillor has home defaced by anti-vaxxers


Published December 22, 2021 at 10:19 am

A sample of the vandalism that was spray painted onto St. Catharines Councillor Karrie Porter's house last night. Photos: Twitter

It was a busy night for the anti-vaxxers in Niagara Region.

First, about a dozen protestors showed up at the home of Dr. Mustafa Hirji, Niagara Region’s acting Medical Officer of Health, with flashing lights, bells, a siren, a megaphone, screaming the usual cacophony of misinformed anti-vaxxer chants.

Next, it was the home of St. Catharines Ward 4 Councillor Karrie Porter. However, a protester wasn’t armed with megaphones this time. Rather, it was a can of black spray paint.

Porter’s home was defaced with crude taunts in much the same manner that St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik’s home was a few months back, as well as the car of St. Catharines MP Chris Bittle during the last federal campaign.

On the side of her house, a protestor had spray painted “Scary Karrie is a Karen”, “F*** you, Marxist Bitch” and finally “United non compliace (sic)” with a ribbon symbol.

Porter responded to the protestor, point by point. “To the goons who targeted my house last night: 1) Thank you for spelling my name correctly. 2) Marxist + Bitch? Well, there are some grains of truth there. 3) Karen is my Mom’s name. But she is a good Karen who taught me how to stand up for myself. 4) “Scary Karrie”, haven’t heard that one since Grade Six! Very sophisticated humour. This is a pathetic display of cowardice and weakness. You get 0/10 for this work.”

Support for Porter flowed in quickly on social media. Said one: “This is horrifying and disturbing, Karrie, and I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. You are a phenomenal Councillor who stands true to her beliefs and your community is exceptionally lucky to have you!”

Said another: “If you’re going to spray paint your anti-lockdown bull on someone’s house: 1. Learn to spell. What’s ‘United non compliace?’ 2. Just don’t. That gets you nowhere. There’s no place for this anywhere in our community. Stay safe, Karrie.”

“This is just despicable. I hope you have cameras and will be able to catch whoever did this. So much for Christmas cheer. I am so sorry to see this,” added another.

Another poster: “So much love to you and your family for staying strong. Medical science is not trying to do anything but prolong, save and better quality of lives. Even the lives of idiots who perpetrate vandalism. You’re a Rockstar, Karrie. Keep on keepin’ on.”

Diana Huson, Pelham’s Regional Councillor, said, “I am so sorry for this Karrie. You are a phenomenal Councillor. Please don’t let this deter you from the important work that you do. I hope you & your family feel safe. Unbelievable.”

Many posters offered to help Porter repair the damage.

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