Spotify launches new program in Canada


Have you run into some issues with your Spotify subscription because you want to share it with a partner who lives with you?

Your problems could officially be over. 

Recently, music streaming service Spotify announced that it is expanding the pilot of its Premium Duo plan into Canada, as well as in France and Japan. 

The expansion of Premium Duo follows the 2019 rollout in Denmark, Ireland, Poland and Latin America. 

The company says that Spotify Premium Duo was created for couples who reside at the same address. The plan costs $12.99 per month and works to eliminate the difficulties of sharing an account or devices, according to Spotify. 

In addition to each person keeping their own premium account (and the personalized experience that comes with it), Premium Duo includes the Duo Mix—a regularly updated playlist made for the two subscribers.

To sign up, click here and follow the sign-up instructions. 

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