Some Mississauga Neighbourhoods Have Rather Unique Street Names


Published February 7, 2018 at 6:26 pm


An interesting tweet recently came to my attention, as it pointed out that a subdivision in Mississauga, near Highway 401 and Mavis Road, has streets named entirely after baseball players:

The Twitter user, who goes by the name @mattomic, points out there’s a Delgado Drive, Hentgen Boulevard, Clemens Crescent, and on and on, with names like Torre, Cruz, Fielder, Mays, Nolan, Blyleven, McGriff, Mantle, McCovey adorning various other side streets.

Apparently a baseball loving property developer by the name of George Kizoff came up with the idea, but he didn’t get all the names he wanted. Names like DiMaggio and Bell were rejected because DiMaggio was too hard to pronounce at the time, and there was already a street named Bell.

Besides this area, there are actually a few other little pockets around Mississauga with street names that convey more meaning. For example, there’s a community near the Sheridan Centre named after the fictional setting of the Robin Hood stories, Sherwood Forest, and all the streets are named after characters from the story:

You can see from the map that there is a Robin Drive, Maid Marian Place, King Richard Place, Prince John Boulevard, Will Scarlett Drive, and Friar Tuck Court. I also walked through this area one time during a mall walk, and with the number of large leafy trees and street names it’s no wonder why the neighbourhood is called Sherwood Forrest (albeit with two t’s).

There are other neighbourhoods that have street names alluding to the name of the neighbourhood elsewhere in the city as well, such as Applewood Hills along Burnhamthorpe between Tomken and Dixie, with Runningbrook, Riverspray, Autumn Harvest, Birchmeadow, even Wagondust all bring up (at least for me) images of apple picking:

Finally, another small subdivision just off the Confederation Parkway and Fairview Road intersection, has a few streets that give a bit of a nod to the Eastern European community in Mississauga:

You’ve got a Ukraine Road, a Dragon Drive (the mythical beasts do have European origins), and a street named after one of the main figures in Polish history who fought to end Communism and who later served as a democratically elected president in post-Cold War Poland, Lech Walesa Drive.

There also happens to be two small streets along Fairview that give a nod to the Filipino community as well. One is named Manila Gate (after the capital of the Philippines) and Luzon Crescent (after that country’s largest and most populous island).

Do you know any other neighbourhoods in Mississauga with a set of interesting sounding names?

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