SIU Closes Investigation into Man Injured When Arrested by Police


The Special Investigations Unit has terminated the investigation into an arrest that Peel Police made in Mississauga.

The incident happened on Thursday evening, May 2, when police received information regarding an assault and alleged threats being made by a 29 year old Mississauga man.

Officers arrived at the establishment and the man fled, but was later arrested and taken to hospital with an injury.

Due to the nature of the incident, the SIU began to investigate, but the man reportedly declined to provide them with any information regarding his interaction with police.

It’s also reported that the man would not give investigators written authorization to obtain his medical information relevant to the incident.

The Interim Director of the Special Investigations Unit, Joseph Martino, has terminated the investigation as a result.

"In the absence of a statement from the man and an authorization from him permitting the release of medical records, the SIU is unable to confirm the nature and extent of the injuries he suffered, much less proceed with an investigation into the potential criminal liability of the officers who arrested him on May 2, 2019,” Martino says.

“Accordingly, the investigation is hereby discontinued and the file closed."

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