Shady Door-to-door Salespeople Visiting Residents Near Mississauga Explosion Site


Published July 6, 2016 at 3:39 am


If there’s one thing you have to give door-to-door salespeople credit for, it’s their incredible persistence. Not even an explosion can keep them at bay. 

There have been several complaints about salespeople knocking on the doors of residents who live near the Hickory Drive explosion site, according to the Mississauga News

Roman Stasiw, 54, told The News he was visited Monday evening by a young man who claimed to be with an energy company and wanted to check Stasiw’s furnace out of concern from the explosion. 

“I slammed the door on him,” he told The News. “Really? You’re going to take advantage and use a disaster to get into someone’s house. That’s low.” 

Another resident (unnamed) shared a similar story, saying she was visited by two salesmen on the same night. They were persistent in asking to check her furnace, and one even had his foot in the door. 

According to Peel Regional Police, door-to-door solicitation is not always a scam and can occasionally just be high-pressure sales tactics. However, since it’s still a common approach used by many con artists, you should take steps to protect yourself.

Police advise residents to consider posting a “no solicitors or peddlers” sign outside their homes. If you still find yourself dealing with a salesperson, make sure to get their name and company information, and don’t make any hasty decisions no matter how much they may push you. 

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