Seven Pelham snow plows get new names, mostly from kids


Published February 14, 2023 at 12:02 pm

Pelham has over 570 kilometers of roadway and some of them will be cleared by "Plowy" in the future. (Photo: Town of Pelham)

In a bitter flurry of irony, the “Name The Plow” contest in Pelham was supposed to be announced on Jan. 13 but got cancelled.

The reason? The plows were a little busy that day as Niagara got pummeled with snow.

However, bad weather never lasts forever and last week, seven snow plows in Pelham got new names.

The contest, overseen by Pelham Communications Specialist Leah Letford, ran for over a month and ended up receiving 120 entries, split between youngsters and adults alike.

Last week at St. Alexander Catholic School in Fonthill, a couple dozen kindergarten students got to pose with the finally-idle snow trucks and unveil the seven winning names.

The names that will be painted onto the town’s plow were: Plowy, Taylor Drift, The Big LePlowski, Plowasaurus Rex, Stormy, The Blizzard Wizard, and Fast and Flurrious.

While all very clever, some of the ones that missed have to be mentioned, as well, including William Scrape-speare, Snowbegone Kenobi, Jennifer Snowpez, Sleetwood Mac, No More Mr. Ice Guy, Snow Big Deal, Edgar Allen Snow, Betty Whiteout and Clearopathtra.

Pretty clearly, adults had as much fun with the contest as did the young students.

Letford said the winning names were selected by Town staff and added, “The teachers in the participating (Junior and Senior Kindergarten) class talked about plow safety, why roads are plowed and read stories that contained information on plows and snow removal.”

As for the delay due to snow, Letford noted, “Seems Murphy’s Law came into play for on scheduling.”

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