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Welcome to Sauga Street Style - a new photo feature that profiles the Mississauga’s most stylish people. Every week or so, Insauga will check out a local neighbourhood or event and profile five of the coolest people there. We’ll highlight anyone with a unique look and something to say, so you can glean some style inspiration and maybe find out about a cool new or obscure bar or restaurant.  

This week, we found some insanely stylish people in Port Credit. We also caught up with a very cool biker girl near Memorial Park and talked about her swank, edgy aesthetic.


Style: I'm all over the place. I don't know how to describe it. I'm in a transitional stage and trying to figure out what that [my current style] is.

Quote You Live By: "Everything happens for a reason." And I do truly believe that.

Favourite Food: Pizza. It's always going to be pizza, it's good comfort food.

Favourite Restaurant in Mississauga: I really like Scaddabush and I'm really, really starting to enjoy all the BBQ stuff here [at DoorFiftyFive].

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Style: Different every single day. Whatever I feel like when I wake up.

Quote: No regrets

Favourite Food: Cookies, if they count as food.

Favourite Restaurant in Mississauga: Can't really give you an answer yet

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Style: My style is very dependent on the day and my mood and however I wake up and what I want to accomplish that day. It's very day to day. It's unique, it's different, it's edgy, but it's also modern and fashion-forward.

Quote to Live By: To try to have as much of a positive effect on as many people in the shortest amount of time

Food: Pizza by far. I'm a pizza fanatic! Domino's specifically.

Restaurant: Definitely DoorFiftyFive. I love it. It's different, it's unique and it's a southern kitchen and we have a lot of different takes on modernist food like our chicken and waffles and mac n' cheese. You can't go wrong.

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Style: My style changes every now and then. It really goes with how I feel.

Quote: This too shall pass

Food: Chocolate

Restaurant: I actually really like Wingporium. I love the ribs here. I really love food, so I don't think I can answer that, to be honest.

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Style: I'd say I live a carefree lifestyle. I like to take risks and try different things. I'd say my style is more carefree and shows I like to live life on the edge a little bit.

Quote: You can’t take money to the grave. Life is about experiencing new and exciting things.

Food: Thai food

Restaurant: I really like Twin Fish in the Courtney Park plaza. The people are really nice. They remember me and they know my order and my sister's order [every time I go in].

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Photography courtesy of Wil Yeung


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