Quick Bite: On The Bun Burgers


Published August 29, 2013 at 4:45 am


Located on an industrial strip on Eglinton between Tomken and Dixie is a burger joint called On the Bun Burgers. They opened up about a year ago and in speaking to the owner things are going very well. According to their Facebook page, it states “We do not cut corners, FRESH Burgers FRESH Fries. And only the BEST quality ingredients used” and that is the reason why I’m here for lunch today. Capital FRESH eh? Let’s see.

Cheese Burger Combo

$9.28 + tax

Length of Time to Receive Meal:
9 minutes during lunchtime

The Verdict:
I honestly didn’t expect much considering the recent influx of subpar burger joints popping up in Mississauga which are overly priced for what you get. 

I was greeted by who I know now as the owner “Mo” and ordered a Cheese Burger Combo with fries. 

No word of a lie this might be one of the best burgers I’ve had in Mississauga, and it might have taken the title of top beef in my books. And it doesn’t break the bank for under $10.

The meat was nice and juicy, the cheese was melting off the meat, the buns nice and soft and the fries were not just an afterthought being crispy and golden. The fries were actually as good as the burger itself which doesn’t usually happen at burger joint. Be sure to check out the Off The Bun (fries) Menu which features unique recipes including Masala Fries and Apple Butter Fries. 

They only take cash so be sure to visit a bank machine before going to On the Bun Burger. 

Mo’s statement was true, the food tasted damn good and FRESH!
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