Province providing boost to Ontario colleges


Good news for prospective college students, the province is making it easier for colleges to offer their programs in more locations.

According to a news release from the Ontario government, this will help meet international student demand and fill in-demand labour needs.

“International students are an important part of Ontario’s postsecondary sector. They enrich the academic, social and cultural life of our communities, and are a key way to increase Ontario’s competitiveness,” David Piccini, parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Colleges and Universities, sais in the release.

“Ideas and innovation are critical to Ontario’s success and go hand in hand with job creation. Through this new policy, colleges are able to offer high-quality postsecondary education to more students,” he continued.

The Province is also introducing new guidelines which will allow colleges to offer more courses to provide students with more choices regarding how they gain the skills they need—which will allow colleges to be more financially competitive.

“Knowledge and skillful labour supply is key to economic growth. As we are committed to being open for business and open for jobs, we are removing barriers for the people of Ontario and abroad to access quality education and well-paying jobs,” Vincent Ke, MPP for Don Valley North, said in the same release.

“This new policy in support of public college-private partnerships will allow public colleges to be more financially competitive and in turn, invest back to their campuses and local communities,” he continued.

This program is also intended to help keep international students who come here for their post-secondary education stay and work here, as opposed to getting their diploma from a Canadian institution and then returning to their native country.

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