Popular Store Temporarily Shut Down in Mississauga


Another retailer has closed a store, but only temporarily. 

If you have a love of hot beverages—or a lover of said beverages on your Christmas shopping list—you might have to hold off on shopping at a popular loose leaf tea shop for the time being.

David's Tea, the well-known loose leaf tea hot spot that actually launched in Montreal and appears to be holding steady even though its chief competitor Teavana is no more, is temporarily shuttering its Square One location for renovations.

According to Square One, the store—which offers a massive range of teas and an assortment of tea-related accessories—closed down on Nov. 5.

The mall says it should re-open within a week and a half to two weeks, so it should be up and running before December (which means you can purchase candy cane crush tea for yourself or a festive, tea-loving friend for Christmas.

So if you want loose leaf tea, you might have to wait for a couple of weeks yet.

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