Police Zeroing in on Dangerous Driving This Long Weekend


If you tend to engage in less than stellar driving practices, you might want to be sure you're buckling up and keeping your phone out of view while you drive this long weekend (and every time you drive beyond that, of course, because safety is paramount).

Peel police recently announced that the weekend of Oct. 6 to 9 will mark the start of the newly launched Project Impact, a national campaign to make Canada’s roads the safest in the world.

The project, launched in conjunction with the OPP and other police forces, will involve both enforcement and education. Police will be out in full force checking for distracted, impaired and unsafe driving, while also seeking to educate the public on how safe driving saves lives. 

Police say the initiative is designed to remind people that an essential part of the enforcement job is to save lives and reduce injuries on roadways and that educating the public in safe driving practices is a priority.

According to police, the focus will be on behaviours that put drivers, passengers and other road users most at risk: impaired driving, seat belt use and aggressive and distracted driving.

All enforcement agencies across the country have been invited to participate.

“The unnecessary deaths that are occurring on our roadways are preventable. Driver's need to slow down, pay attention to the road, not their cell phones and if they have been drinking, please don't drive,” says Inspector Paul Pogue. "Police agencies across the country are collaborating on this project because they have seen more than enough of that, and because they know that the involvement of the driving public is essential to achieve safer streets and highways.”

This initiative is being launched on a long weekend because more people are traveling and traffic collisions are more frequent.

In the Region of Peel, there have been 17 deaths in 2017 so far and numerous injuries as a result of vehicle collisions.

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