PICK A SIDE: Is it still too soon to reopen businesses?


After an announcement that models indicated Ontario had reached the peak of COVID-19 cases, the Province began working on a framework that would allow many businesses to begin reopening. 

The Province’s plan to begin reopening businesses is broken down into three stages. 

Stage one will include: 

  • reopening businesses that can modify their operations to meet public health guidances. 
  • opening some outdoor spaces like parks and allowing for a greater number of individuals to attend some events. 
  • hospitals will also be permitted to start offering some non-urgent and scheduled surgeries, and other health care services

Stage two will include: 

  • reopening more businesses including some service industries and office and retail workplaces
  • larger public gatherings will be permitted
  • reopening more outdoor spaces and facilities 

Stage three will include:

  • reopening all workplaces responsibly
  • and relaxing restrictions on public gatherings. 

Additionally, the Province is introducing provincial labour inspectors who will communicate COVID-19 safety guidelines to essential workplaces, and enforce safety measures, including physical distancing. 

However, despite added safety measures, the Province is still seeing increases in new cases every day—albeit at declining rates—and some are concerned relaxing restrictions could result in a spike in COVID-19 outbreaks throughout Ontario. 

So, Mississauga, what do you think? 

Should the Province begin working to reopen businesses, or is it still too soon? 

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