PHOTOS: These are the Cheapest Apartments in Mississauga Right Now


While Mississauga has never really been known for being a cheap place to live (at least not in recent years), few people could have predicted that the city's rental market would become as tight (and therefore expensive) as it has over the past 24 months.

With a vacancy rate of just 0.8 per cent (a healthy rental market has a rate of 3 per cent), rentals are rare, and therefore costly.

But believe it or not, some affordable units are indeed available, and some cost less than $1,000 a month.

While you might be sacrificing space, you can get a safe and comfortable home for less.

Here's a look at some of the cheapest units that have hit the market in Mississauga over the past month, courtesy of real estate brokerage Zoocasa.

5) 724 Green Meadow Crescent

This basement apartment (or secondary unit) in the Mississauga Valleys neighbourhood just rented for $950 a month. The units boasts one bedroom, one bathroom and one parking spot. A big bonus for this place? According to the listing, all utilities, satellite TV and internet were included.

4) 2476 Grindstone Court

This secondary unit in Erin Mills is still available (as of publication time) for $1,000 a month. Not only is it more affordable, it has some old school charm and a fireplace. You have to share laundry with other residents, but the wooden panelling is definitely nostalgic and fun.

3) 3777 Janice Drive

This basement apartment was recently rented for $1,000 a month. It's a little more up to date than some others on this list, and offers one bedroom, one bathroom and one parking spot. While utilities are extra, the suite has its own laundry.

2) 32 - 3895 Doug Leavens Blvd.

This place is still on the market (as of publication time) for $1,100 a month. While it's shared with the homeowner, it offers up to 1,399 sq. ft. of living space and a private bedroom and bathroom. If you want to park in the driveway, that will cost an extra $100 a month.

1) 3921 Burdette Terrace

This spacious unit Churchill Meadows unit recently rented for $1,300 a month. It's a little larger than other rentals, boasting two bedrooms, one bathroom and one parking space. It also has its own washer and dryer and a newly renovated kitchen.

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