PHOTOS: Brampton’s Spookiest Haunted House This Halloween

Published October 13, 2017 at 11:02 pm

International award-winning, incredibly detailed, and unbelievably spooky, this is the house you won’t want to miss tomorrow evening!

This place is going to give you the creeps. 

Blackstone Cemetery is a Halloween display in Brampton put on by Bramptonian Hector Turner, who has been running the set-up for the past 13 years. The spooky display is located at 19 Rainforest Drive, in the area of Dixie and Sandalwood.

“I normally get between 250-350 trick-or-treaters with an equal if not greater number of parents and adult visitors,” Turner told 

Turner’s masterpiece has won several awards – it’s definitely not a home you want to miss. Featuring an exceptionally detailed hand-made cemetery, a witch’s porch, and even a spider’s lair, Blackstone Cemetery was voted Best Yard Haunt across Canada by the Canadian Haunters Association in 2013 and 2015, Best Yard Haunt in the 2015 Home Haunt Awards, and first place in the 2013 International Home Haunt Contest.

Let’s take a peek!

That’s the spider’s lair you’ll walk through to get to the front door. Does the giant spider look as alive to you as it does to me? As Ron Weasley might say…I hate spiders!

Definitely alive – it moved closer to the victims caught in its web in the photo above. Try not to get caught in the spider’s web when you visit.

Of course, no spooky award-winning home would be complete without a werewolf! Professor Lupin, is that you?

“As for the best part of the display I would say the cemetery, as it features all hand-made, not store-bought tombstones,” says Turner. “I make them all from foam board, carving and painting them for maximum realism.”

“Also not to be missed is the witch’s hut I do up on the front porch. With all the potions and jars there is lots to look at.”

As you can see, the potions and jars are on the shelf near the door, and there’s the witch guarding them. Everything is richly detailed and realistic. And the witch looks like she’s the one doling out the candy this year – better say “trick-or-treat” nicely, kids!

The mastermind behind it all, Turner goes big every year with his display.

“Every year I add new items and props and strive to make the display bigger and better than the previous year,” says Turner. “I take part in various online contests but what really drives me is the reaction I get from the kids and visitors. You want to be that house that the kids tell all their friends about the next day! Hopefully I’m able to inspire them to decorate themselves when they get older and keep the Halloween tradition going.”

The full display will be functioning on Halloween night, with sneak peeks happening on October 29 and 30. All three evenings, you can check out the display from 6-9:30 p.m.

Everyone stopping by should also note that this is a yard display, not a full walkthrough-style haunted house! So don’t go traipsing through the tombstones, folks. 

Overall, Blackstone Cemetery is Brampton’s most exciting and spooky Halloween display – try not to get haunted, Brampton!

Looking for more details on Turner’s haunted house? Click here.

All photos courtesy of Wil Yeung Photography

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