People can claim $150 in a cyberattack case in Ontario


Published April 4, 2024 at 10:37 am

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Time is running out for LifeLabs clients in Ontario to claim up to $150 in a legal class-action settlement.

LifeLabs, a well-known blood lab test provider, said it was the victim of a cyberattack that involved unauthorized access to its computer systems in December 2019.

Customer information including names, addresses, email addresses, logins, passwords, dates of birth, health card numbers, and lab test results were potentially comprised, primarily in B.C. and Ontario.

A class-action case claimed nearly 8.6 million customers had their personal information, including health card numbers, stolen. The suit alleged that LifeLabs was negligent in protecting user data, however, LifeLabs denied the allegations.

On Oct. 25, 2023, the Ontario Court approved a Canada-wide settlement agreement and distribution of up to $9.8 million.

People who live in Canada and were a LifeLabs customer on or before Dec. 17, 2019, can make a claim.

The estimated compensation is $50, up to a maximum of $150, from which will be deducted court-approved legal fees, disbursements and taxes. The precise amount to be paid per person will be determined based on the total number of claims filed.

Claimants will have to provide contact details, their provincial health card number, and their preferred payment method. They will also need to certify that they spent time or money responding to the LifeLabs data breach.

Clients have until April 6 to submit a claim online or via the mail.

Payments will be made after April 6 to verified claimants.

For more information and to make a claim, see the website here.

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