Penny’s Favorites Restaurant Opens at The Cherry Hill House

Published August 13, 2016 at 5:26 pm


Penny’s Favorites is a new restaurant which has taken over one of Canada’s most haunted landmarks located in Mississauga and it opens today. 

The space was formerly known as Cherry Hill Restaurant and the new owner Penny Mccabe created a unique dining concept which eliminates wait times for your meal. There’s no waiting or filling up on complementary bread or appy’s. A dining peeve Penny wanted to eliminate at her restaurant. 

The historic 5,000 square foot home is over 200 years old and according to S.O.P.S (Southern Ontario Paranormal Society), the Cherry Hill House is one of Canada’s top haunted landmarks. You can find more information on it here

The restaurant’s main dining room is by reservation only however she has a bar/lounge area in the lower portion of the home where you can order a beverage and appetizers and lounge around or read one of Penny’s collections of books (she’s an avid reader). 

The main dining room’s reservation-only concept is based on an online system to reserve one of three seatings (5 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm). You are then required to place a small deposit on your order (or pay the entire amount) which will be ready upon your arrival. 

There are currently a few glitches with her websites ordering system which Penny is working on getting resolved and in the meantime she is accepting reservations by phone. 

The reservation will be held for only 15 minutes, at which point the table will open up to people who don’t have a reservation and that small fee you paid online will be paid forward to the lucky ones that snatched your table. 

Penny explains that if you think about how long it takes to actually get your food in a restaurant especially in a large group with menu that’s the size of a book, you could be waiting at least 30 to 45 minutes before you get your entrée. “I’ll have better control over the quality of the food. I won’t have any warming trays and people with kids will eat right away – there’s no time for the kids to get fidgety.” And most importantly – no hangry outbursts! 

The from-scratch-menu is simple. It includes only ten of Penny’s favorite dishes, a limited wine, beer and liquor list. Although she isn’t a cook by trade, her love of cooking has driven her to jump head first into the industry. 

The dining menu includes braised ½ rack back ribs, homemade mac n cheese, beef tenderloin, stuffed chicken and pastry, New York peppercorn striploin, roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, chicken parmesan with pasta, shepherd’s pie, spicy pasta with hot sausage, jerk pork. 

The lounge menu includes nachos, homemade chicken strips, perogies and chicken quesadilla.  

Penny hasn’t seen anything unusual at the house yet, although she hasn’t been there past 8 pm since she took ownership and started the renovations. If you’re wondering what happens after 8 pm, you’ll have to make a reservation once the restaurant opens its doors. Stay tuned to insauga for the opening date.

Seats: 50 in the dining room; 40 in the lower level lounge/bar; and 27 in the upper level private dining room (this room will be ready in the fall/winter).

Patio Yes, it will be ready next year

Licensed: Yes

Type of Restaurant: Full service

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