Peel launches expanded services to help combat homelessness in Mississauga


The Region of Peel recently announced the launch of expanded Peel Outreach Team services for those experiencing homelessness to help them get on a path to long-term housing.

The Peel Outreach Team program is funded by the Region of Peel and run by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

Some of the expanded services include a new mobile health clinic, a second mobile outreach team van, expanded service hours and additional on-location supports.

The team consists of a 24/7 Street Helpline and mobile Street Outreach teams who provide on-location supports.

Additional services provided include access to shelter, COVID-19 prevention services, certain medical services and urgent supplies (e.g. food, clothes and blankets).

The Street Outreach team also helps those in need connect to other supportive programs, which include services such as mental health, addiction and employment.

Additionally, the Street Helpline supports residents who are concerned about others. 

"The Peel Outreach Team plays a critical role connecting the homeless to supportive services," said Aileen Baird, Director of Housing Services.

"During the pandemic, this work has taken on an even greater level of urgency as their role expands to include COVID-19 health screenings, pandemic education and referrals to our isolation and recovery centres. Expanding the program will help more of our most vulnerable residents to stay safe and get housed." 

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