Over 60 tickets issued after trucks forced into Lincoln inspection station


Published April 25, 2023 at 8:36 am

Over 60 tickets were issued to drivers after a joint enforcement team conducted an in-depth vehicle inspections of commercial trucks that had been intentionally bypassing the Vineland Inspection Station on the QEW in Lincoln.

The trucks often exit off the QEW to drive through Lincoln and West Lincoln to avoid the Inspection Station so on April 20, a joint team of the Niagara Regional Police, Hamilton Police, Niagara Parks Police, Ministry of Transportation (MTO) and the Town of Lincoln partnered to steer them back to the station.

In the end, over 50 commercial vehicles were directed over to the station where 49 were given comprehensive inspections. In the end, 61 tickets were issued with some truck being pulled off the road entirely.

During the enforcement, they found one commercial vehicle that wasn’t equipped with a required ignition interlock device, the machine that drivers have to blow into following an impaired driving related driving conviction. The machine tests blood-alcohol levels and will not let the driver start the vehicle if alcohol is detected.  The vehicle was impounded.

Another vehicle was stopped that had no insurance coverage.  The licence plates were removed, and the vehicle was towed away.

In a photo below, you can see a trailer filled with drywall sheets that are not secured.

Members of the public wishing to report traffic complaints are encouraged to contact our Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) by telephone at 905-688-4111, option #3, extension #1025555.

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