Ontario airports can now sell alcohol 24 hours a day


Good news for those who are worried about flying; you can now get a drink to take the edge off any time of day.

The Province has officially passed a bill that will now allow commercial airports to sell alcohol 24 hours a day.

The Better for People, Smarter for Business Act, which was created to remove the Province’s outdated regulations, was tabled in October and has now officially passed.

Many regulations are in place for good reasons, like those that protect health, safety and the environment,” Prabmeet Sarkaria, Associate Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction, said in a news release.

But at the same time, decades of government regulation have resulted in rules that are duplicative, outdated or unclear, causing businesses to spend time and money complying with rules that simply could be better. We’re ensuring that Ontario’s regulations are effective, targeted, clear and focused — while maintaining Ontario’s high standards,” he continued.

Previously, airports were only permitted to sell alcohol between the hours of 9 a.m. and 2 a.m.

This legislation will provide direct benefits to people in their everyday lives, while also improving Ontario’s investment climate, restoring our competitive advantage, and helping reignite the economic growth that made Ontario the economic engine of Canada,” Sarkaria added.

Toronto Pearson Airport’s Twitter account tweeted about the passing of the bill.

Shortly after their initial tweet, they also tweeted a message encouraging customers who choose to drink to do so responsibly.

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