Online job postings down compared to same time last year


With more businesses reopening, more online job postings have been popping up, as business owners begin resuming services.

However, as of August 21, the number of job postings is still down compared to the same time last year—Indeed Canada had 25 per cent fewer new job postings compared to last year’s trend.

Additionally, the gap between new job postings widened to 14 per cent fewer than in 2019, compared to 13 per cent the week prior.

Further, mid- and higher-wage jobs have 24 per cent fewer postings, while lower-wage jobs are further from what they were last year—29 per cent fewer postings—due to strong job growth that was occurring this time last year.

Moreover, while the number of job postings is still lower than it was last year, there’s been an improvement from postings in May, which were 49 per cent fewer compared to the same time in 2019.

When it comes to job sectors, the ones that have been least impacted by the pandemic are nursing, which has seen a four-per-cent increase in job postings compared to this time last year; construction, which has seen a two-per-cent decrease in job postings compared to last year; loading and stocking, which has seen a two-per-cent decrease in job postings compared to last year; and personal care, which has seen a three-per-cent decrease in job postings compared to last year.

The sectors that have been most impacted by the pandemic include aviation, which has seen a 65-per-cent decrease in job postings; marketing, which has seen a 40-per-cent decrease in job postings; and hospitality and tourism, which has seen a 36-per-cent decrease in job postings.

When it comes to province by province, PEI saw the smallest impact, as job postings only saw a one-per-cent decrease, while Nova Scotia was impacted the most, with a 30 per cent decrease in job postings. Ontario’s 25-per-cent decrease was on par with the national average.

Images courtesy of Indeed

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