Old School General Stores in Mississauga


Almost every historic community had at least one "general store". It was a place to purchase "general" goods, groceries and supplies, often also serving as the local post office.

Sociability was also an important aspect to the life of the general store, as it served not only a commercial function, but also as a place to gather and chat with neighbours. Many of the old general stores served a community for multiple generations and became well-known and widely recognized local landmarks.

Clarkson General Store, Clarkson Road looking South, c1900

Dunn’s Store and Post Office, Summerville, c1920

Gardner’s General Store, Meadowvale, c1910

General Store and Post Office, Burnhamthorpe, 1912

Goodison’s Mammoth Store, General Merchant, Streetsville, c1900

Graydon General Store, Streetsville, c1910

Page’s General Store, Lakeview, c1930

Sherdian General Store and Post Office, Town Line looking north, Sheridan, c1900

Thomas Blain Allen’s General Store, Malton, c1900

Webber Grocery Store, Port Credit, 1945

All images are courtesy of Heritage Mississauga.

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