Oakville Resident Planning to Promote the Town With an Online Store

Published January 2, 2020 at 5:20 pm

If you’ve been to the city of Hamilton you may have noticed quite a few people walking around wearing ‘Hamilton is Home’ shirts.

If you’ve been to the city of Hamilton you may have noticed quite a few people walking around wearing ‘Hamilton is Home’ shirts. Hamilton is a thriving city with lots of incredible stores, restaurants, and people to promote. Although there are many other areas in the GTA worth promoting as well – the town of Oakville being one of them. 

One Oakville resident, Joe Da Rosa, has taken note of this and is planning to promote the town through an e-commerce store. Da Rosa, who also launched the ‘If You Grew Up in Oakville, Ont You Remember’ Facebook group, is planning to call the online store ‘The Oakville Group Giftshop’ (OGG) – the OGG will sell home and office décor, jewelry, apparel, gifts, and more. The store will also support local artisans.

Although the idea of the OGG is quite exciting, residents should note that the process of bringing the store to life is still in the early stages.

Da Rosa has set up a crowdfunding campaign where people can donate to help with the cost of the project. On the crowdfunding campaign website, Da Rosa has outlined the goal of the e-commerce store.

“Our mission is to build the hype surrounding the great Town of Oakville by building on our historic legacy and looking to the future,” Da Rosa said. “We will be supporting local artisans and small businesses, furthering our quest to make Oakville Canada’s best place to live! Our items will be custom and exclusive to our OGG brand and will be regularly adding new products, promoting Oakville and talking about Oakville.” 

Also, there will be a section promoting Oakville business, and a section where people can promote their personal and business products. Da Rosa noted that other GTA products will be sold as well. 

Da Rosa also has plans that expand beyond just launching an e-commerce store.

“My Second step – I have been told by many folks and my past administrator that I should turn the [Facebook] group into a book,” Da Rosa said. “We [the Facebook group] have over 15,000 pictures of old and new Oakville, the pictures show the history and story of Oakville are amazing to see. There are a lot of then- and- now pictures that would make a great e-book or hardcover book, it would be nice to have the book for the 10-year anniversary of the group.” The Facebook group was launched on Aug. 11, 2011.

Lastly, Da Rosa noted on the crowdfunding campaign that he is also interested in inventors and inventions, and wants to eventually link the OGG to BBI Black Box Innovations.

“This platform will help promote inventors from around the world, including Oakville inventors would have an avenue to promote and sell their products,” Da Rosa said.

Residents who are interesting in donating and/or learning more can find the crowdfunding campaign here.

What do you think of these plans? Would you like to see this online store come to life?

The cover photo is courtesy of the town of Oakville’s Facebook page.

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