Oakville gymnastic duo earn Golden Buzzer on ‘Canada’s Got Talent’


Published April 13, 2022 at 4:56 pm

Oakville Gymnastics duo Theo Rots-Chan, 18, and Mila Di Salle, 15, impressed the four judges with their acrobatic act on Canada's Got Talent television show this week. FACEBOOK IMAGE

It was a golden debut for a pair of Oakville acrobatic gymnasts on “Canada’s Got Talent” this week.”

The young duo of Theo Rots-Chan, 18, and Mila Di Salle, 15, impressed the four judges with their acrobatic act on the Canadian talent show, especially Trish Status who slammed the “Golden Buzzer” automatically sending the local gymnasts to the next round.

“I knew when I decided to take this seat at the judges table that there would at one point be something so special, I knew I would have to have the ability to give someone an opportunity,” said Stratus.

“And I knew that I would potentially change the trajectory of somebody’s life.”

Stratus then rose to her feet with the crowd cheering wildly.

“And I unequivocally know that this moment is right now,” she added before slamming her hand down on the Golden Buzzer.

The Oakville Gymnastics pair told the judges before their performance want to one day perform in the Cirque du Soleil.

“Our sport isn’t widely known right now, especially in Canada,” said Rots-Chan. “Usually when they think about gymnastics, they think about artistics and tumbling. They don’t think about acro, which is what we do.

“And we just want to show it and get more recognition for the sport.”

Judge Lilly Singh them what is they love about acrobatic gymnastics?

“We get to work together,” said Di Salle. “You’re never alone. There’s always someone that’s there for you and can calm you down and cheer you on.”

There was no shortage of cheers while the pair put on their performance. All four judges stood and gave them a standing ovation as they finished their routine.

“Wow!” said Singh. “Wow, wow, wow.”

“I had no idea what to expect, but your head was very close to the ground,” Singh told Di Salle after the performance. You are the perfect partners.

“The trust on the stage was just incredible. I am absolutely blown away.”

The ballet like performance combined with the strength impressed judge Howie Mandel.

“The amount of strength that you both have, the beauty and the grace. I’m not a predictor of the future, but one day you people will be able to afford shoes,” said Mandel, drawing laughter from audience.

Judge Kardinal Offishal said the pair gave everyone that “big top moment.”

“You gave us the strength, you gave us the athleticism,” he said. “You gave us the showmanship, the beauty, the grace and everything that we’re looking for.

“The fact that you’re 15 (Di Salle) and you’re 18 (Rots-Chan) means you have your whole life ahead of you only to get better. This was incredible.”

Both gymnasts (photo below) also gave a shout out to their coaches at the Oakville Gymnastics Club.

“Our coaches play a big role in developing us,” said Di Salle. “They basically taught us everything we know.”

“And they’ve basically been with us through a lot of ups and downs and definitely been here to support us a lot,” added Rots-Chan.

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