No parking on Burlington streets as a ‘snow event’ has been declared

Published January 25, 2023 at 5:31 pm

A “snow event” has been declared by the City of Burlington which means there is no on-street parking.

A Burlington snow event happens when there is an accumulation of more than 7.5 cm. The City wants vehicles removed so that snow removal equipment has room to clear the roads quickly and safely.

The parking ban will remain in place until the snow event is declared over.

People who park their cars on streets blocking snow removal could be faced with a $120 parking ticket or be towed, regardless of actual snowfall amount.

Here is how snow clearing works in Burlington:

  • Primary and secondary roads are addressed as soon as the snow starts to accumulate.
  • Residential roads are cleared after snow reaches 7.5 cm of accumulation. Residential roads are not maintained to bare pavement but are sanded as required at intersections, hills and sharp curves to enhance traction.
  • All sidewalks are plowed after 5 cm of accumulation and salted or sanded as required.
  • Heavy snowfalls or successive storms can sometimes extend road clearing to longer than 24 hours. Please be patient as our crews work to clear the busiest streets first.
  • The City is not responsible for clearing windrows left on driveways when the plow passes. If you think you will need help clearing the windrow, please make arrangements such as speaking with your neighbours and family members or hire a contractor.



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