No More Horsing Around: Hamilton Police Respond to Traffic Complaint


Published September 13, 2019 at 3:26 pm

Hamilton Police brought in the cavalry to address a citizen’s traffic complaint.

Hamilton Police brought in the cavalry to address a citizen’s traffic complaint.

The Hamilton Police Service’s Mounted division spent the morning Thursday (Sept. 12) patrolling a corner in the east end of the city made famous by a now-viral video that shows a number of vehicles completely ignoring stop signs at a three-way stop.

The video was made by resident Colton Taylor who filmed the activity at the corner of Talbot and Vansitmart over the span of 24 minutes.

The video was posted to YouTube earlier this week and quickly drew the attention of the media and city residents.

In response to the traffic complaint, it seems the HPS’s mounted division patrolled the corner for a while on Thursday.

Hamilton police report that only two cars were observed during their time patrolling the corner over the course of the morning.

One vehicle did fail to come to a complete stop and was issued a warning, police say.

The traffic was light during the time they were there. However, many residents in the area came out to speak to the officers about current issues. Mounted advised concerned residents that they would return during a time when there is more traffic.

If you’re curious (as I was) as to how one pulls a car over while on a horse, the HPS had the following to say: “When pulling over a vehicle on a horse we can use a whistle to get their attention. Or by pointing at the driver and using hand signals to ensure eye contact is made to further direct the vehicle where to go. Mounted Officers do issue tickets from the back of the horse, and do not dismount to issue tickets or speak with the public.”

Photo courtesy HPS Mounted Patrol Twitter

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