Niagara Parks Power Station has night-time lights and lasers show coming


Published August 5, 2021 at 4:33 pm


Visitors to the Niagara Parks Power Station in Niagara Falls, which opened July 30 after years of preparation, have been, no doubt, impressed by the people-friendly displays and interactive fun.

Keep in mind, the 105-year-old former hydro-electricity plant has been closed from public eyes from its inception and more than a few city residents have long wondered what the structure was like on the inside.

According to one Montreal company, that’s just the day show. In less than a month, Thinkwell Studio Montreal is planning on bringing the night show.

And they’re promising it’s going to be spectacular.

According to Niagara Parks, the night show, entitled “Currents: Niagara’s Power Transformed” will be a dazzling display of “light, lasers and sound that illustrate themes of water and electricity.”

The Montreal company is planning on using lasers and lights to section of the massive space into far more compact worlds that the public can discover.

The night show will start September 3 with a running time of 45 minutes. There will be shows every hour with the 15-minute breaks used for cleaning.

Tickets for the day show are $30 but for $40, residents and tourists can buy a “Night Show Package” where they can explore the station by day then return at night for Currents.

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