Niagara, MTO and Hamilton police yank 24 transport trucks off the road


Published March 23, 2023 at 4:38 pm

Officers from the Niagara Parks Police, the MTO, the Hamilton Police and the Niagara Police ine up side-by-side at the Vineland Inspection Station. (Photo; NRPS)

Over a two-day stretch (March 21-22), police and government officials yanked a staggering 24 commercial trucks off the road during a joint force crackdown.

Set up at the Vineland Inspection Station on the QEW in Lincoln, members of the Niagara Police, Hamilton Police, Niagara Parks Police and MTO, the official were also looking at trucks that purposely avoided the station by driving through Lincoln and West Lincoln, instead.

In the end, over 150 vehicles were directed into the station, either from the QEW or off the roads of the two towns over the two days.

Of those 150 trucks, 65 were inspected very thoroughly by the officers, who found countless problems.

In total, 24 trucks were immediately yanked off the road for “significant safety concerns.”

Three sets of licence plates were seized and 95 tickets were issued for various offences including: careless driving, distracted driving, speeding, improper licence, improper tires, improper brakes, and insecure load.

It wasn’t just issues with truck safety as two people – a driver and passenger – were wanted on Canada wide immigration warrants and were turned over to Canada Boarder Service Agents.

Police added if drivers had any traffic complaints, be it trucks or other vehicles, they are encouraged to contact the Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) by telephone at 905-688-4111, option #3, extension #1025555.

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