Niagara vote mirrors nation’s; CPC’s Baldinelli and Allison, LPC’s Bittle re-elected


Published September 20, 2021 at 11:52 pm

Tony Baldinelli has been declared re-elected in Niagara Falls.

Niagara Region appears to be mirroring the urban-rural split that was evident across the nation as Monday’s federal election results streamed across screens.

The region’s two least densely populated ridings, based on 338Canada data, re-elected tConservative Party of Canada incumbents, Dean Allison (Niagara West) and Tony Baldinelli (Niagara Falls). The most urban riding re-elected a Liberal, Chris Bittle in St. Catharines. Bittle’s colleague, Vance Badeway, and the CPC’s Graham Speck are in a close race with 28 polls unaccounted for in Niagara Centre.

As of 1:10 a.m., Global News has the Liberals leading or elected in 156 seats and the Conservatives leading or elected in 121, an exact duplicate of their seat counts in the 2019 federal election. One difference this time is the Liberals have signed agreements on $10/day child care with eight out of 10 provinces, with Ontario being one of the holdouts.

It appears Allison will be the only candidate in the region who receives 40 per cent support in the first-past-the-post system.

InSauga is providing live election results. Here is a survey of Niagara’s ridings, based on the latest Elections Canada data.

Niagara Centre

Whether Badawey joins the Liberals for a third term on the government side remains to be seen. With 28 of the 222 polls unreported, and mail-in ballots still to be counted, he holds a 708-vote lead over the CPC’s Speck.

The vote percentage between Badawey, Speck and the NDP’s Melissa McGlashan is 33-30-27.

Mail-in ballots are counted on Tuesday.

Niagara Falls

Baldinelli has been declared re-elected with 38.0 per cent over Liberal challenger Andrea Kaiser (32.0), a margin of about 3,232 votes.

The NDP’s Brian Barker is earning 19.0 per cent support with just shy of 11,000 votes.

The People’s Party of Canada’s Peter Taras pulled 9 per cent, which is the most of any PPC candidate in the area.

St. Catharines

Like Baldinelli, Liberal incumbent Chris Bittle was reelected with a six-point winning margin. Bittle (37 per cent) outpaced the CPC’s Krystina Waler (31.0) by more than 2,400 votes.

The NDP’s Trecia McLennon has drawn about 24.0 per cent support.

Thirty-four of the 231 polls have not reported.

Niagara West

Allison has been declared elected to his seventh term for the CPC, earning 46.0 per cent support.

Second-time Liberal challenger Ian Bingham is pulling 30.0 per cent.

The NDP’s Nameer Rahman is at 13.0 per cent. People Party of Canada’s Shaunalee Derkson has received 7.0 per cent.

Only four of the 192 polls have not reported.

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