New speed cameras and dozens of new enforcement officers will cost nearly $6 million in Brampton


Published May 15, 2024 at 12:49 pm

New speed cameras Brampton $6 million

Plans to bring nearly 200 automated speed cameras to Brampton will cost close to $6 million and could see the new technology on the streets in just a few months.

The first 20 of 185 new ASE cameras could be up and running by the end of July but the city says it needs 32 new staffers and some $5.97 million in budget amendments to fund the rollout, according to a new report to Brampton City Council.

From Automated Enforcement Officers to labourers, the new hires are expected to cost $3,591,107 every year. Additional expenses include $1.9 million for work on Brampton’s new ASE Processing Centre, $91,000 for technology for new hires, and $300,000 for a truck dedicated to installing, relocating and removing ASE signage.

If given the green light from council, installation would begin with the first cameras set up by July 31 with crews working to get the full complement of 185 online by June 2025. Some 50 Brampton intersections earmarked by Peel Regional Police have already been selected for the addition of license plate readers and other upgrades.

While the new ASE cameras come with a significant budget request, the report shows that the new ASE Processing Centre is projected to generate approximately $30 million in revenue every year with annual projected expenses of $13 million. The city said the additional cameras and ASE centre will “generate sufficient funding to repay all operating and capital commitments.”

Councillors were set to vote on the report on Wednesday but the decision was pushed at the request of Coun. Michael Palleschi due to absences by Mayor Patrick Brown and Deputy Mayor Harkirat Singh. Council is expected to make a decision on the report and proposed budget amendments at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Brampton’s current ticket processing is limited by space, staffing and increasing demand according to the city, leaving some ASE cameras running for as little as two hours each day.

In February, the city announced it had purchased a building for the new Automated Speed Enforcement Camera Processing Centre, moving the city’s ticket processing from Toronto to Brampton, to let the city process more images, help deter speeding and increase road safety, and create more revenue for the city.

The city’s current stock of around 50 ASE cameras capture images of vehicles exceeding posted speed limits in school zones and community safety zones, with the goal of keeping residents and communities safe for drivers, pedestrians, children at play and cyclists.

Here are the fines for speeding in a Community Safety Zone in Brampton:

  • 1 to 19 km over the limit is $5.00 per kilometre plus costs
  • 20 to 29 km over the limit is $7.50 per kilometre plus costs
  • 30 to 49 km over the limit is $12.00 per kilometre plus costs ​
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