New record low temperature set at Pearson Airport in Mississauga


If this year hasn't been bad enough, we're getting record-breaking cold temperatures (and snow) in May. 

Environment Canada says numerous record low temperatures were set for May 12 across Ontario, with temperatures hitting a frosty -3.8 at Pearson Airport. 

The weather agency says the chilly temps are the result of an exceptionally cold air mass that's unusual for this time of year that continues to affect the region. 

Environment Canada says the previous record of -2.2 was set in 1939.

Records have been kept since 1938. 

While temperatures are expected to climb to 8 degrees around Pearson today, they'll drop to a frigid -4 tonight. 

Fortunately, the unseasonably chilly temperatures won't last forever. According to Environment Canada, temperatures in the GTA will climb to 21 degrees on Friday and sit at 19 on both Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures are expected to creep back up to 21 on Victoria Day.

Sadly, rain is in the forecast for all four days, but rain is better than snow.

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