There is big news and there is huge news.
If you live in the city's west-end, you officially have another lunch/dinner option.And this one is a crowd pleaser.
When people think of the perfect morning, they often think of a bright European-style cafe that serves perfect coffee, decadent pastries and fresh bread.
You know that go-to store that you always stop by first anytime you have an event to host?
A popular export from The Hammer is now open in Mississauga.
When people think of Chinese, Korean or Asian-fusion restaurants, they either picture vast (think Summit Garden) or cozily spartan (think Owl of Minerva) restaurants specializing in huge, shareable
Have you ever been overcome with a craving for peri peri chicken?
If you wanted another spot to relax over a breakfast sandwich and a latte, you are in luck—a popular cafe with a generous food menu is about to open another location in Mississauga.
First, there was JJ Muggs.After that, there was the Pickle Barrel.For some time, there was even a Spring Rolls.
Are you looking for more food options in the Square One area?