It looks like Murphy’s, the best-known ice cream and dessert spot in Mississauga’s Streetsville neighbourhood, has a little bit of competition! 
Last week, Mississauga was officially given the go-ahead to enter stage 2 of the province's three-phase reopening plan, which meant that local indoor malls, salons and restaurant patios could final
COVID-19 has hurt restaurants, but it hasn't stopped popular brands from scouting new locations in Mississauga. 
When Smoke's Poutinerie closed the doors of its Port Credit location for good earlier on in the pandemic, many residents likely wondered what would replace the restaurant.
While new restaurants open in Mississauga quite frequently, the last two months have been very quiet—and for good reason.
At a time when new restaurants are refraining from opening their doors (and for good reason), one food company is still working to bring a new source of pizza to the masses. 
While most people are hyper-focused on the coronavirus spread and the severe impact it's having on life around the world, there are actually a few things to look forward to (and that we should look
If you often find yourself with a hankering for Taiwanese desserts, we have good news for you. 
If you plan on tying the knot soon—or just want another reason to spend some time in The Food District in Square One—you might be happy to hear that a two-week wedding series is coming to the new
Mississauga boasts a diverse array of restaurants that specialize in cuisines from around the world, but not every restaurant chooses one signature dish to focus on and make its own.