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Naan & Kabob is a family owned and operated restaurant which recently opened its doors in Mississauga where Montfort Restaurant once stood. 

Javid Nasseri - General Manager explains that the family wanted to bring Afghani cuisine to the mainstream and create a dining experience rather than just serving food, "we have seen families and even a party of 40 people come into the restaurant to dine together in the space we have in the back. And that was something we always wanted, we didn't just want to serve food but bring a community together" states Nasseri. 

The restaurant underwent a serious transformation, an all around well designed space set up in a cozy new school cafeteria style format fitted with cushioned booth seating that includes decorative throw pillows, communal tables and benches, tables for small groups or couples, wall murals, and exposed brick wall. 

Everything used in the restaurant from the ingredients to the decor is locally sourced, Nasseri says "we had a choice to buy it (decor) overseas and bring it over to Canada, but we made a conscious decision to keep everything local because we want to support the local economy." 

Concept: Afghanistan cuisine that centres on the name of the establishment - Naan & Kabob, which is served with every main course. The menu specializes in selected Halal Afghani dishes that are healthy, and reasonably priced. 

Naan defined: A leavened oven baked, soft flat bread popular in Central, West and South Asia.

Kabob defined: Middle Eastern dish of pieces of meat, vegetables or fish are roasted on a skewer over flames. 

Unique for: The original location is in Toronto and it was featured on the Food Network's Restaurant Takeover. The experience provided valuable information that helped in the opening of the second location here in Mississauga. Nasseri states that the owner now knows the power of marketing  and branding and now understands that "this restaurant business is not just a business for good food, it's also show business" meaning that there are many elements from the presentation of the food to customer service which are involved to create a complete package that a restaurant requires to be successful. "So far it's working, because we have customers from all walks of life, we don't target a specific demographic and we have people coming from all over, customers of different backgrounds. We are trying to go to the mainstream as opposed to sticking to the ethnic market." 

Signature Dish: Qabuli Palau - tender chunks of veal and special chicken curry served with a heaping portion of seasoned brown rice, topped with fried sweet carrot strips and raisins.

Why Mississauga? Nasseri lists the reasons why the family wanted to open up shop in Sauga, "first, Mississauga is a beautiful city, second Mississauga is growing fast, and third we make decisions based on customer feedback and took note that people would drive all the way from Mississauga to the Toronto location." Nasseri goes on to explain that they also wanted to attract both the industrial and residential areas that Mississauga has to offer. 

What's up and coming? Vegetarian dishes, a summer menu which will include house made ice creams, and smoothies and a patio (opening soon) that will seat approximately 30 people. 

Seats: 85 inside and 30 on the patio.

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