New Openings: JAM House Seafood Restaurant

Published January 8, 2016 at 10:07 pm


JAM House Seafood Restaurant is another option available for late night eats and open daily until 2 am for late night diners and 3am on Saturday. 

JAM has white linen lined tables – an unexpected find in a late night restaurant. Although 2 am is late for most, it’s still early for clubgoers who’ll have to stick to the 24 hour or really-late-night restaurants options in Mississauga. 

JAM is a Chinese restaurant that has taken over the space formerly occupied by Happy Jade Seafood Chinese Restaurant hidden in a plaza along the busy intersection of Dixie Rd. and Dundas St., so it’s easy to miss. 

The menu includes about fifty dishes and a set dinner section to choose from that includes seafood, shark fin soup and marine delicacies, chicken, beef and pork dishes, hot pot rice and casserole dishes.

You can also order dim sum anytime of the day or night!

Seats: 220

Patio: No          

Licensed: Yes 

Type of Restaurant: Full service.

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  1. JAM House Seafood Restaurant
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