New Openings: Chatime Bubble Tea


Chatime is a Taiwanese bubble tea franchise that opened its first location in Taiwan in 2005.  It's a new school teahouse decked with simple, modern decor and boasts pop music-blaring speakers throughout the resto. It has over 800 retail stores around the globe -- eight of which are here in Canada -- and Mississauga's first has opened up on Burnhamthorpe Rd. W, just east of Mavis Rd.

Opening Date: August 22, 2014

What is Chatime unique for? Tearistas brew high quality teas and use ingredients without any preservatives or additives in the creation of each drink. It is the product of a new tea culture and is known as the best bubble tea brand in Malaysia. 

Menu Concept: The menu includes an array of tea based beverages ranging from fruit to nut flavour bases and from Signature Milk Teas to Smoothies. The toppings of choice include pearl, barley, rainbow jelly, pudding, aloe vera, coffee jelly, grass jelly, red bean and coconut jelly. The menu also outlines sugar and ice content options in case you have a preference. 

Signature Drink: If you are new to bubble tea, try something off of the Signature Milk Tea menu and work your way into the rest of the menu on your next visit.

Bubble Tea Defined: Bubble tea originated in Taiwan and it is a specialty sweetened tea made with milk and/or other flavours and is served with tapioca pearls, also known as pearls or boba.

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