New Office Style Meeting Space at Dixie Mall in Mississauga


Published April 30, 2017 at 7:01 pm


If you’re a fan of the concept of shared office space or that form of unique work environment, then something new at Dixie Outlet Mall could be just what you’re looking for.

We recently wrote about the brand new unique shared office space in Mississauga: ‘Venture X’, an open-office in the City Centre/Downtown Mississauga area. Following on that concept, Dixie Outlet Mall has launched the Dixie Outlet Mall Living Room. This space is advertised as a zero cost, open space with minimalist interior decor that lends itself to a wide range of functions.

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The Living Room is 3,100 square feet and equipped with free WiFi, tables, chairs, and lightweight movable wall dividers. It’s also billed as being highly adaptable to various situations, with operators saying the space can be transformed to suit a number of types of events, meetings, pop-up retail shops, photo and video shoots, presentations and workshops.

The Living Room is opened for booking for seven days a week during the mall’s normal operating hours. You just need to make a prearranged online booking and you’re all set.

Now while it’s unfair to say that Dixie Outlet is going the way of the ‘dead malls’ you see proliferating in the United States, (the country is literally littered with abandoned shopping centres state by state), it’s no secret that major retail outlets have been having trouble anchoring themselves to Mississauga lately. The disaster of Target in Canada is still fresh in our minds, and if you frequent other malls such as Rockwood or South Common Mall, you can see that those places are just barely getting by.

But it does make you wonder why a mall would offer this space “just for free” at zero cost; I mean the original use of the space was for commercial retail, so why wouldn’t they find some other way to make money off of it?

According to their FAQ section, Dixie Outlet Mall “understands and supports the concept of working together and sharing resources for the common good. We aim to build a strong bond with our diverse and exciting community by providing a free space for all to use and giving a platform for worthy social causes and local businesses.”

That is an interesting concept for a shopping mall to take and it’ll be interesting to see how it benefits the mall. 

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