New Oakville convenience store home for those hard to find snacks


Published April 28, 2022 at 3:55 pm

Exotic candy lovers will have to try stopping by the new In and Out Convenience store in Oakville. INSAUGA PHOTO

Lovers of exotic or hard to find snacks have a new place to grab their favourite treats in Oakville.

In and Out Convenience store, located at 108 Burnhamthorpe Rd. E., opened officially on Wednesday.

While there’s filled with the usual chocolates, candies, chips, drinks and household and hygiene items you find in a regular convenience store, there’s plenty of tasty, hard to find treats you can’t get just anywhere.

Chip lovers looking for something different will have to try the Arizona Combo Tray Nachos ‘n’ cheese dip or grab a bag of the Reese’s Big Cups Potato Chips.

Candy lovers can grab a bag of the cola flavoured Sour Patch goodies or how about trying a Cinnamon Toast Crunch treats bar.

If you’re a cookie lover, the Twix Caramel Centres might be right up your alley. Nothing like having some cereal for that late night snack and Magic Fruity Pebble might fill that need.

Or how about a different way to enjoy your morning cereal? The Lucky Charms Marshmallow Pancake Kit will likely hit the sweet spot.

“Discovered In and Out convenience as it has just joined the neighbourhood,” said one store customer on Google reviews getting an early jump before it officially opened. “They’re not officially open yet but were nice enough to let me grab a few things. They sell exotic candies and all sorts of interesting and unusual snacks.. Felt really welcomed.. I shall be back!”

In and Out Convenience will be open seven days a week up to midnight for this week (Apr. 27 to May 1) and then open 24 hours a day regularly beginning next week.

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