‘Never drive in Brampton’: Sketch on This Hour Has 22 Minutes calls out bad Brampton drivers


Published October 18, 2023 at 10:57 am

A skit on Canadian sketch comedy show This Hour Has 22 Minutes has taken a pot shot at Brampton drivers.

From cars crashing through backyards to prolific repeat offenders busted breaking the rules of the road, Brampton drivers are often the butt of jokes among GTA drivers and a recent skit on a Canadian comedy show is poking fun at the city’s bad rap.

Long-running Canadian sketch comedy show This Hour Has 22 Minutes shone a spotlight on Brampton last week with a skit entitled “Never drive in Brampton.”

And while the two-minute bit falls short on laughs, it does take more than a few pot-shots at drivers behaving badly in the Flower City.

The bit opens with a man getting a lesson from Bernice, “a guest driving instructor” from Brampton played by Aba Amuquandoh who gives out some not-so-recommended pointers like “First rule of driving? Do you boo boo.”

From scolding the driver for using a signal light to driving on the shoulder to avoid traffic, the instructor Bernice is full of less than sage driving advice.

“This is Brampton, we make our own rules. Now get on the shoulder,” the instructor says as her students let out a scream.

Bernice goes on to teach her student affectionately nicknamed “Bus Stop” how to honk his horn in Brampton style and “how to park with someone wearing a church hat in the back seat” before cutting to a clip of an SUV crashing through a backyard in Brampton.

The clip made the round on social media last month following a crash in the area of Great Lakes Drive and Demaris Drive in Brampton.

Videos of the crash show the SUV with significant damage to its front end and a trail of debris next to a pile of overturned patio furniture.

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A spokesperson for Peel Regional Police said no injuries were reported in the crash and an adult male was charged with impaired driving. No additional details about the accused were disclosed by police.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes called the crash “the perfect Brampton parking job.”

“No notes,” Bernice tells Bus Stop as the skit comes to a close.

Video of the skit posted to YouTube has already been watched more than 79,000 times, with users sharing their Brampton driving stories and memories in the comments.

“Learning to drive in Brampton prepared me for life,” wrote one viewer, and “red lights are merely a suggestion,” wrote another.

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