Video: SUV crashes through backyards leaving trail of destruction, driver charged in Brampton


Published September 12, 2023 at 11:18 am

Police say a man has been charged with impaired driving after startling videos of a vehicle crashing through multiple backyards in Brampton surfaced online.

The footage was posted by TikTok user Aliza Shoaib in Brampton on Monday (Sept. 11) following a crash in the area of Great Lakes Drive and Demaris Drive in Brampton.

Multiple videos of the crash have surfaced online, with one showing an SUV appear to leave the roadway on Great Lakes Drive before smashing into a backyard fence. The vehicle loses speed but continues to crash through two more fences before coming to a stop.

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Videos of the aftermath of the crash show the SUV with significant damage to its front end and a trail of debris next to a pile of overturned patio furniture.

A spokesperson for Peel Regional Police said no injuries were reported in the crash and an adult male was charged with impaired driving. No additional details about the accused were disclosed by police.

The videos have already been viewed over 240,000 times since they were uploaded early on Tuesday.

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