music insauga: We Will Kill Again


Formed in May 2012 and consisting of Rian Cunningham, Mike Kundakcioglu, Josh Nelson, Michael Rodrigues, and Christian Thompson, We Will Kill Again is an up and coming band to be on the lookout for in the metal music scene.

With hard work, real talent, and a genuine passion for metal, We Will Kill Again brings live audiences overwhelmingly energetic stage presence and performs music with a sense of professionalism that is certainly beyond their years.

Focused on making music with a message, their mission is to write lyrics that advocate an end to bullying and suicide. With such strong messages, and an even stronger understanding of the real musicality behind metal, it is no wonder that listeners are instantly captivated.

Songs such as Ladies Last show the musical virtuosity of the group, and are just a taste of what's in store for their fans, as they are currently working hard in the studio on a new EP titled Edge of the Earth that is set to drop in Spring 2014.

We Will Kill Again have some exciting things planned for their listeners. Music lovers of any genre should keep their eyes open as these young musicians take the metal scene by storm.


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