Mississauga’s Ukrainian community comes together to help homeland as flag raised at City Hall


Published February 28, 2022 at 11:41 am

Mississauga raises Ukrainian flag
Mayor Bonnie Crombie, members of City council and representatives from Mississauga's Ukrainian community gathered on Friday to raise the Ukrainian flag at City Hall. (Photo: City of Mississauga)

Members of Mississauga’s Ukrainian community are rallying to the aid of their besieged homeland as invading Russian forces move closer to the country’s capital.

Ukrainian Canadians and others across Mississauga are being asked to donate to a humanitarian relief effort being organized by St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Mississauga.

The church, founded in 1953 and today numbering more than 1,300 families as parishoners, is calling on the community to donate medical supplies, food and clothes for a relief flight leaving for Ukraine tomorrow (March 1).

Details of the effort have been posted on the church’s website and Facebook page.

“We appeal to all parishioners and people of good will about collecting first medical aid for Ukraine. Please bring medical aid supplies to the church or the office…from 9 a.m. to (7:30 p.m.),” a post to the church’s Facebook site reads.

In addition to first aid kits and medical supplies, organizers are also looking to collect:

  • non-perishable food, for which there is a big demand
  • clothes and footwear for men, women and children (thermal underwear in particular)
  • hygiene products (women’s products, diapers, etc.)
  • blankets and bedding
  • table wear
  • tents, mattresses and sleeping bags
  • standalone lamps, candles
  • containers for liquids (water, fuel)

Collected items will be sent to Ukraine on Tuesday (March 1) or as part of a second shipment tentatively planned to leave next week, comments on the church’s Facebook site indicate.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bonnie Crombie, members of City council and representatives from the Ukrainian community in Mississauga gathered on Friday to raise the Ukrainian flag at City Hall.

City of Mississauga officials say the move is a gesture of support for the people of Ukraine and their loved ones, including those in Mississauga.

On Thursday, Crombie noted that members of Mississauga’s Ukrainian community were “deeply concerned” for family members and friends in their homeland after Russia launched its invasion of the sovereign nation earlier that day.

With widespread reports overnight Wednesday that explosions were heard throughout Ukraine as Russian troops moved inside its borders, Crombie said at a press conference Thursday that she had spoken with members of the city’s Ukrainian community and “they’re deeply concerned.”

Crombie, like numerous political leaders at all levels of government in Canada and around the world, expressed outrage at Russia’s aggression.

Mississauga’s mayor said the international community must step up to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty, and here at home Ottawa needs to stand in tough opposition to Russia’s behaviour.

“I encourage the federal government to impose the harshest sanctions possible for this egregious act of aggression,” said Crombie, who then turned her thoughts to Mississauga’s people of Ukrainian descent. “I want to send a message of support to members of our Ukrainian community. My thoughts are with you and with your loved ones.

“I can only imagine the deep concerns you have right now,” she continued. “Mississauga stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine as well as those around the world in strongly condemning this brazen and unprovoked attack on Ukraine and its sovereignty.”


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