Mississauga’s busiest Starbucks finally reopens after a long closure for renovations


Published May 5, 2023 at 9:23 am

port credit starbucks
Photo by Carla Portillo

After months of closure, one of Mississauga’s most popular Starbucks has reopened but not everyone is happy.

The Port Credit Starbucks at 111 Lakeshore Road West closed for renovations on Oct. 11 last year. And although it was initially meant to reopen on Nov. 20, weeks stretched into months and some wondered if it would reopen at all.

The old Instagram account was deleted and the 111 Lakeshore Rd. W. location was removed from the Starbucks site. But the location is listed on the main Starbucks site again and the first customers trickled in this week.

This Starbucks is in a great location in the heart of Port Credit next to the iconic lighthouse, making it a popular spot to grab a coffee.

However, the renovations aren’t what some customers expected.

It appears there is less space for seating but more room for staff to work behind the counter, according to a post on the Port Credit Friends Facebook group.

The new design is bright and modern with skylights but people feel it has lost some of its charm. Some noted it lacks warmth and coziness.

“This looks like it’s a Starbucks at the bottom of an office building – grab and go,” one person wrote. “Definitely not as nice as the old Starbucks.”

starbucks port credit

Others love the new look.

“I think it looks clean and fresh,” one person wrote.

While still others noted the outdoor seating remains and many people choose to grab a coffee and enjoy the scenery outside anyway.

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