Mississauga School Receives Substantial Amount of Grant Money


One lucky Mississauga school is enjoying a generous grant.

The Peel District School Board (PDSB) recently announced that Munden Park Public School, located in the Dundas and Hurontario area, is one of nine schools that received the $60,000 Indigo Love of Reading Grant.

According to the PDSB, The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation Literacy Fund Grant selected Munden Park, the only Peel school, as one of 30 schools in all of Canada to receive the grant.

Now, Munden Park will receive a whopping and generous $60,000 in grant money that's geared towards helping schools enhance their literacy programs for students.

“This grant will enable Munden Park to empower our students through the collaborative voices of our parents and community members to create an inclusive and compassionate space for them to learn and engage in literacy”, says Principal Tripat Ajrawat. “Over the next three years, we commit to develop our learning commons area by providing our students with literacy-based opportunities to help students reach their literacy goals”.

According to the PDSB, Munden Park’s literacy team has worked together over the past four years to establish a thorough proposal and video portfolio for the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation.

The proposal included an analysis of student performance in literacy, socio-economic status, EQAO results and school community information.

The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation Literacy Fund grants funding to 30 high-needs elementary schools across Canada.

Congrats to the school, staff and students! 

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