Mississauga rooming house reportedly has over 10 people living in it


Published July 27, 2022 at 1:06 pm

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An alleged rooming house seems to be causing several issues, including illegal parking, for a Mississauga resident.

The resident posted on the Mississauga Reddit feed suggesting their neighbour is now a landlord to ten or more people in a single detached home. The person who posted did not respond for comment from insauga.

“My neighbour has become a landlord and has rented out his house to 4+ families,” the resident wrote. “There are 10+ people now living in his house for over a year now.”

The resident goes on to say that it wasn’t a problem at first but now it’s a concern.

“At first, I didn’t really care,” the resident wrote. “But now, his renters (and their girlfriends/boyfriends) don’t have enough parking and are now parking in my driveway.”

They contacted police but wondered where to report the situation with the city.

Dozens of people responded to the post.

“That’s absolutely wild,” one person wrote. “Just get their vehicles towed and they can take it up with their landlord.”

“Call Fire Services,” another person suggested. “At the least they will check fire alarms, CO alarms etc.”

A fire at a suspected rooming house in Mississauga sent seven people to hospital last year.

Rooming houses have become a way to deal with unaffordable housing.

“Sadly, this is becoming more common in Brampton and is coming over to sauga,” still another person said.

More rooming house complaints in Mississauga

Rooming houses or lodging houses seem to be becoming more common in Mississauga. In 2019, there were 86 complaints of illegal rooming houses in the city, that number jumped to 116 in 2020, and 112 in 2021, according to the City of Mississauga. This year there have already been 55 complaints.

There are currently no legal, licensed rooming or lodging houses in the city, said Irene McCutcheon, senior communications advisor with the City of Mississauga.

What is a rooming house?

The difference between a rooming and lodging house is the size.

If a homeowner has four separate units/rental agreements in one detached home, it would be considered a lodging house. In this instance, the property owner would be responsible for obtaining a Lodging House Licence and therefore, would have to meet the criteria set out in the Residential Rental Accommodation Licensing by-law.

A home with five or more separate units/rental agreements, would be a rooming house. The City of Mississauga doesn’t permit rooming houses. The Mississauga Fire Prevention Office would investigate any suspected rooming houses under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997.

People are allowed to rent up to three units or rooms without being licensed in Mississauga.

Residents who suspect a rooming house or lodging home should contact 311.

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