Mississauga Releases Recommendations To Prepare Residents For Potential Flood


The Credit Valley Conservation and City of Mississauga released a flood warning for Mississauga earlier last week. The city has now released an emergency preparedness infographic to all residents.

Emergency Preparedness Week is a national week to educate Canadians on the importance of being prepared for emergency situations such as flooding. The week began on May 5 and will end May 11.

Water levels across Ontario and Quebec have caused residential flooding in many cities and towns.

In 2017, there were flood damages to structures near the Lake Ontario shoreline due to an elevation of 75.45 metres. On May 1, the Lake Ontario elevation was near 75.46 metres.

However, this does not take into account high levels of wind, which can further elevate the lake, and cause additional damage to the shoreline and surrounding structures.

The increase is due to the recent snowmelt and rain. There is more rain forecasted in the coming weeks.

The city has released the emergency preparedness infographic to inform residents of the precautions and steps they need to take in order to protect their families from potential flooding.

The infographic focuses on insurance. The city recommends residents to look into their insurance policy, put away emergency funds in case of a flood, and take pictures of your house before a flood occurs.

The city has also released a residential guide to help people during and after a flood. The first step after a flood occurs is to report the incident by calling 311 and then your insurance company to report any damage. Residents should also call in professionals to clean the area after the flood.

They also warn people to stay indoors during a flood, stay away from downed power lines and assume that everything flood water touches are contaminated.

The city also advises that residents watch or listen to the news for the latest community information. During a flood, the city will notify if the municipal drinking water is safe to drink.

Read Mississauga’s full guide to flood prevention and recovery, here.

Photo courtesy of the City of Mississauga.

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