Mississauga family of four saved from drowning by London man


Published August 6, 2021 at 8:37 pm


Four Mississauga family members were saved from drowning by a firefighter-in-training last Saturday in Ontario cottage country.

Family members, who don’t want to be identified, said that Bronson Deagle, 36, of London, showed great courage in rushing into the water at a secluded beach in Grand Bend to save them.

Deagle was at the beach with his wife and two daughters when he noticed a young girl waving her arms in distress in the water. 

Not seeing any lifeguards, he rushed to check on the girl. That’s when he noticed there were three other people struggling in the water as well.

“I saw not one person, but a family of four all drowning simultaneously,” Deagle told CBC London. 

He said as he got closer, he noticed a woman lying face down in the water and a man and two children struggling nearby to stay afloat. The family, who were at the beach for a picnic, had been in the water when they encountered a strong current and couldn’t get back to shore. 

Deagle first tried to save the young girl, who was struggling to breathe, and then noticed the man and a young boy struggling as well. They were fully clothed.

After getting the three of them safely to shore, Deagle returned to help the woman, who was unconscious. A man on a jet ski spotted the woman in trouble, and helped Deagle pull her from the water.

Deagle said he continued to help the woman on shore until paramedics arrived a short time later. 

The family has kept in touch with Deagle, and offered him their great thanks.

The family members were enjoying the water when the current made them lose their balance and begin struggling.

Deagle said he’s grateful to have been in the right place at the right time for the family.

(Photo: Bronson Deagle, 36, is credited with saving a Mississasuga family)

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