Mississauga Earns Troubling Ranking On List Of “Rattiest” Cities


When it comes to combating rodents in the province, Mississauga is no stranger to the fight against the pesky animals.

The national pest control provider Orkin Canada recently released its list of Ontario's Top 25 "Rattiest" Cities, and the city has made the cut.

The list was compiled of cities ranked by the number of rodent treatments, involving both rats and mice, the company performed from Jan. 1, 2018 up until Dec. 31, 2018.

Orkin's list also involves both residential and commercial treatments.

If rodents come across as a persistent problem, the company has released some tips to help alleviate their penetration into public spaces.

Trimming trees and keeping shrubbery at least one metre from the exterior walls of your home will help eliminate any hiding spots for rodents. Inspect and keeping your properties clean, both inside and out, as it will reduce the chances rodents get attracted to your spaces.

Do these rodent findings surprise you, Mississauga?

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