Mississauga Conservation Area Asking Residents to Respect Dog-Related Rules


With summer finally (finally!) here, more and more people will be visiting Mississauga's many parks and conservation areas with their furry family members. 

And while dogs are always welcome in parks, some organizations are asking that residents respect rules regarding leashes. 

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) recently reminded area residents and visitors of Rattray Marsh Conservation Area to keep all pets on a leash when visiting the park. 

CVC says pets in the area must always be kept on a leash six feet or less.

"We're reminding visitors that our conservation areas are beautiful, natural spaces shared with wildlife. There are areas that you don't want your dog to get into," said Terri LeRoux, senior manager for CVC. 

"We ask that visitors always keep their pet's on-leash for their own safety and for the safety of wildlife. It's also important to give personal space for other park visitors who may be afraid of wandering dogs."

The rules regarding leashes are long-standing at CVC properties and were implemented for safety reason. 

CVC says that off-leash dogs can be exposed to several hazards, including poisonous plants (such as poison ivy), wildlife (coyotes, skunks and porcupines), ticks (which could carry Lyme Disease) and other dogs that might be more aggressive. 

CVC also says that Rattray Marsh is home to a variety of wildlife, including species-at-risk that could face danger in an encounter with an unleashed dog. 

This time of year, young animals are also growing and a very vulnerable stage of life. Please keep dogs away for their safety," CVC says. 

CVC also says that some parkgoers might not want to be around unleashed dogs due to allergies, fears or other beliefs. 

The organization also says that visitors who violate the rule could face consequences going forward. 

"CVC is working with City of Mississauga bylaw officers at Rattray Marsh Conservation Area to enforce by-laws at the park," CVC says.

Fortunately for dog owners, there are off-leash areas throughout Mississauga. 

As of now, there are eight leash-free zones that dogs can wander freely. Leash-free zones include Etobicoke Valley Dog Park, Garnetwood Dog Park, Jack Darling Dog Park, Jack Darling Small Dog Park, Lakeside Dog Park, Parkway Belt Dog Park, Quenippenon Dog Park and Totoredaca Dog Park.

What do you think of the leash-free rule in Rattray Marsh?

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