Mississauga asking for public feedback on its transit and road infrastructure


The city wants to know: How do you make your trip into, around, or out of Mississauga?

Residents are invited to share their feedback on the Transit and Road Infrastructure Plan (TRIP), a city-wide plan aiming to address issues faced by those travelling on Mississauga roads (including cyclists and pedestrians).

“The plan will develop a long-term transit network and a long-term road network, which will offer additional transportation infrastructure to support and encourage more modes of travel such as transit, cycling and walking,” the city says.

The plan will reportedly guide the city’s actions, policies and transportation investment in Mississauga over the next 20 years.

Among the several ways that residents can learn more about the plan and share their feedback is through the city’s “virtual on-demand meeting” at mississaugatrip.ca, which is live now until Sunday, December 20.

The site includes information about the plan, collision hotspots in the city, its alignment with other city plans/projects, next steps, and more.

Residents can select the “comment” icon in the top right to provide input, as well as sign up for the project’s mailing list.

The TRIP comes after the Transportation Master Plan was approved by city council in 2019 as an overarching guide on the future of Mississauga transportation in Mississauga from today until 2041. More information is available at the city’s website.

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